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The Mankato Area Pickleball Association (MAPA) was established in May 2014 with an initial membership of 24. Following successful collaboration with the City of Mankato, two underutilized tennis courts at Tourtellotte Park were repurposed into six dedicated pickleball courts. By 2023, an additional six brand-new courts were introduced.

MAPA oversees daily play activities at these new facilities and works closely with the city to ensure ample outdoor venues are accessible for its members. At Tourtellotte Park, the association provides a storage shed stocked with equipment such as paddles and balls for member and guest use, along with an AED, First Aid Kit, and maintenance tools to upkeep the courts.

Furthermore, MAPA coordinates with local sports facilities to secure indoor venues for play during the fall and winter seasons, details of which can be found in the "Where To Play" section featuring locations, maps, and play times.

Throughout the year, MAPA hosts several social events including an exclusive "Fun Tournament and Potluck" for members and an Annual New Year party, both greatly enjoyed by its active membership. Currently, MAPA boasts nearly 350 members who are highly engaged in its activities, alongside an additional 100 occasional players who partake in the sport whenever possible.

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